President Trump Signed An Executive Order Looking To Regulate Social Media Companies,

President Trump has put the FCC in a unique position by asking it to regulate social media sites.

Earlier this week President Donald Trump asked the Federal Communications Commission to regulate Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies. The FCC traditionally anti-regulation, has now been asked to be responsible for punishing social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook for labeling posts as factually inconsistent, dangerous, or volatile.

This would be new and unchartered territory for the agency, and it is unclear if they will ultimately take on that roll.

Trump signed his executive order Thursday, which is an attempt to strip any legal liability protection social media companies currently have for content posted by users. This order was a reaction to Twitter placing labels on two of Trump’s tweets regarding mail-in voting. According to Twitter, President Trump’s tweets contained “potentially misleading information.”

The president is asking the FCC to review Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the law that gives social media companies their legal protection. The president wants regulations that will let the agency investigate complaints that social media companies discriminate against certain speech on their platforms.

Any role in policing social media is unprecedented with the FCC, which has long positioned itself as anti-regulation. Legally, it is unclear whether the FCC can regulate this as per the President’s order.

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