Law Domains – New Domain Extensions Offer New Opportunities

You may have noticed there are a number of new ‘domain name extensions’ specifically designed to help lawyers and law firms market themselves better. 
These new domains for lawyers and attorneys include .lawyer, .law and .attorney. There are several pros to these kinds of legal domain names. While these domain extensions offer an alternative to the traditional .com, .net, .tv etc.,they have their own idiosyncrasies. 
The first of the law domain names to emerge was .law. The Minds + Machines company was originally the only company that had the legal right to sell this domain name. Now the names are available at many registrars from Go Daddy to 
Originally those interested in the name had to submit an expression of interest and a verification process with names starting at between $200 to $500.  Those were the good old days.
Now these names have had time on the open market and are appreciating tremendously as more lawyers see the value. There are many factors impacting the value of these extensions. These factors include the type of law practice and number of characters. One word and two word domains are of course worth more typically as are specific generic categories of the law. 
Of course, if more than one person may want to register a specific domain name with the .law extension, an auction will be held after the date the extension is generally available.

Lawyers can show interest in a domain extension of .law, .lawyer, etc. for themselves, a company they work with, or even a law firm. The reason for the verification process is so that the good URLs with these new domain names go to people who will really use it. Savvy applicants bought up the best ones with .com, and they’re trying to avoid this issue with the new domain extensions.

Furthermore, these new domain names are intended to guide clients to professional law practices. For example, if an attorney registers the domain “”, clients already see that if they live in Austin, TX and need a DUI attorney, this is a good site to go to. Problem solved. The .law, .lawyer, and .attorney domain extensions can also save a company hassle.

This will save a company hassle from having to deal with actors, phony websites that are going to attempt to scam or fraud clients. These new extensions are harder to get and therefore will go to the ones who need them.

In all, the new domain names are a game changer for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms all over the world – especially since they are available in many languages.

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