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Goldberg Jones is a local office of divorce lawyers serving all of Western Washington, Western Oregon, and Southern California. We focus our representation on husbands and fathers rights. Our team of divorce lawyers is energetic, knowledgeable and aggressive in protecting your rights under local divorce law. Whether you need a divorce attorney because you have been served papers, or would like to consult with a divorce lawyer, call Goldberg Jones for more information.

Many men are not ready when bad news comes. There are serious issues to consider, including child custody and child support. If you are in one of our local areas start by calling us at 1-800-DIVORCE. We’ll answer phone questions about your situation at no charge. There’s no obligation, and it’s free.

Goldberg Jones believes we are your best choice among divorce lawyers because we practice Family Law exclusively and focus our representation on husbands and fathers rights. Goldberg Jones represents men in cases of child support, divorce, child custody, legal separation and most of family law matters. As a man, you have legal rights in a divorce. Our local divorce attorneys are focused on achieving a man’s rights, YOUR rights! Call 1-800-DIVORCE to get your questions answered at no charge.

Seattle office: (206) 448-1010

Portland office: (503) 731-8888

San Diego office: (619) 243-0888

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  • Residency Oregon
  • Company Name Goldberg Jones
  • Company City Seattle
  • Company State Washington
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Family Law And Criminal Defense Attorney
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  • Criminal Defense

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