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Gelber & O’Connell, LLC, is your “Personal”​ Car Accident and Injury Law Firm. In addition to being tough and thorough litigators, our attorneys treat each and every client with care and compassion. Our goal is to obtain verdicts and settlements that will help the injured people we serve rebuild their lives to the fullest extent possible. As champions of the rights of the injured, we are dedicated to excellence in the practice of personal injury law and are proud to have achieved million and multi-million dollar recoveries for those clients who have suffered the most serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

We take the time to get to know and understand the needs of each client. To our lawyers, these needs are not just financial. They range from physical to emotional. Sometimes our clients simply need a shoulder to lean on when having a bad day. We recognize that life goes on and issues arise throughout the course of a lawsuit, which can sometimes be a long process. Our lawyers handle all of these needs for our clients so they and their loved ones can focus on their recovery and rebuilding their lives. Your case is our cause.

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