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We are a full-service family law firm with experience litigating and negotiating complex divorces and domestic partnership dissolutions in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Mateo, Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

We handle the whole range of family law matters, including:


Domestic partnership dissolution

Property division and separate property tracings

Spousal support

Child support

Custody, including move-away disputes

Paternity/Second parent rights

Premarital (prenup) and postmarital (postnup) agreements

Adoption and assisted reproduction

Our firm is comprised of elite educated lawyers with a strong record of courtroom success and negotiated settlements. We work with a wide variety of people, including private equity and venture capital partners, doctors and lawyers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and salaried employees. Whether your needs include simple asset division or analysis of limited partnership interests, or a contested custody dispute, we develop strategies to meet your goals and provide an organized and thorough approach that achieves results.

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