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Intellectual Property Law firm in Oakland CA
Innovation. Creativity. Combining and recombining existing technologies to create something entirely new. That’s what drives true innovators. What drives us is taking that magic — and guiding it to the next level. In short, we provide thoughtful, innovative, and experienced counsel that helps you transform big ideas into big opportunities.
Our breadth of experience and focus on IP translate into creative problem solving that is tailored to your needs. Our IP-focused attorneys and highly-trained staff allow WAVS IP to respond to the needs of large, multi-tiered organizations just as easily as rapidly growing start-ups. The results are twofold: our clients’ success is paired with the longevity of our relationships with them. Both speak to the quality of our services and the camaraderie we look to develop with each and every one.

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  • Residency California
  • Company Name Weaver Austin Villeneuve Sampson, LLP
  • Company City Oakland
  • Company State California
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Patent Attorney
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  • Personal Injury

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