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Pacific Workers’​ Compensation brings a concierge approach to Workers’​ Compensation. Pacific Workers’​ Compensation offers the exceptional level of service once reserved for Farber & Co.’s celebrity and high-profile clients to all workers going through the difficult, nerve-wracking process of dealing with a workplace injury.

Whether our client is an injured firefighter, construction worker, healthcare worker, or any other kind of employee, PWC’s mission is to take care of them and their families, get them the benefits and restitution they deserve, and get them through this trying time. We fight for our clients against some of the biggest corporations and organizations in the world. As a law firm focused entirely on Workers’​ Compensation, we bring to the table sixty combined years of legal experience between attorneys alone, and our superbly-trained staff knows everything there is to know about Workers’​ Comp. and is always prepared to answer all client questions.

Pacific Workers’​ Compensation practices an aggressive brand of litigation. We are never afraid to go to court if needed to get our clients the best results. Our clients are the backbone of their communities and of our society. They build our schools, take care of our elderly, put out of our fires, and so much more. We view helping them as both a duty and a privilege, and we do whatever it takes.

Pacific Workers’​ Compensation/Farber & Company is a BBB Accredited Business, boasting five-star rating on Google Plus & Yelp. Farber & Company received an AV Rating from Martindale Hubbell, the highest possible rating available to any law firm. Our founder, CEO, and Chief Legal Officer, Eric Farber, has been named in the list of Northern California & national SuperLawyers repeatedly. With Pacific Workers’​ Compensation, you are in safe hands. Pacific Workers’​ is a registered dba of Farber & Co.

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