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In 1991, Tom Earp and Rich Cohn were practicing law at a large regional law firm. They found they were frustrated by many inefficiencies of the large firm setting—such as layers of internal bureaucracy, overstaffing of matters and resultant excessive fees, and assignment of matters to junior-level attorneys who did not understand the client’s business. They believed that these problems combined to create a wholly unsatisfactory attorney-client experience for many clients.

They had a vision—of a smaller, extremely talented firm, staffed by highly-skilled attorneys and staff, focused on providing top-notch legal counsel and representation, with a personalized, “client-first” approach. Sophisticated, responsive and cost-effective.

Earp Cohn P.C. was born of this vision.

For the vast majority of personal, transactional and litigation matters for which individuals and businesses require legal counsel, Tom and Rich believed that a smaller firm, comprised of the right professionals, could provide legal services at least as good as a firm with hundreds of attorneys, but with better service and with more reasonable fees. At Earp Cohn, we believe our clients deserve no less.

Since its formation in 1991, Earp Cohn has held firm to that original vision, carefully and selectively adding attorneys who share that vision of providing high-quality legal services to our clients. We also pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent legal counsel to our clients in an ever-increasing range of practice areas.

Over twenty-five years later, the Earp Cohn team remains committed to providing every client with an exceptional attorney-client experience.

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  • Company Name Earp Cohn P.C.
  • Company City Cherry Hill
  • Company State New Jersey
  • Company Country United States
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