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The law firm of Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. in Naperville and Chicago, Illinois, is devoted exclusively to the practice of family law and the issues that surround divorce. Our attorneys are committed to developing a comprehensive relationship with our clients that allows us to protect their emotional and financial interests, as they work through complex family law matters.

We regularly represent clients in Cook County, including Chicago, Cook, DuPage, DeKalb, Kane County, Kendall, and Will County, Illinois. Given the financial impact divorce can have on an individual and a family, we take the time needed to prepare clients for life after divorce as well. Our attorneys explain how your taxes may be affected, what child custody or spousal support could mean to your overall financial situation, and how marital property is likely to be divided.

Contact the Family Law Attorneys at Sullivan Taylor & Gumina (630) 665-7676.

Most family law disputes stem from divorce and paternity. Children’s issues, such as child support and child custody, tend to be most contentious family law issues. Property division and paternity matters can also require complex negotiations.

Our objective is to minimize the conflict and stress associated with family law disputes. While we are successful litigators, with extensive experience resolving family law matters in court, we also use alternative methods to resolve divorce disputes. Mediation and Collaborative law provide a forum to negotiate divorce settlements in a non-adversarial environment. This often creates better divorce agreements that require fewer post-divorce modifications.

If your are considering filing for divorce or need an attorney for any other family law matter, or just need answers to your questions, please contact the DuPage County divorce lawyers at Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. Call us to schedule a consultation at (630) 665-7676.

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