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Halloran Sage provides responsive legal counsel to client needs. We are one of the largest Connecticut-based firms, with a substantial presence throughout the state. We serve clients ranging from individuals and non-profit organizations to national corporate enterprises. Our deep knowledge of the local application of law and the players involved gives us, and you, unique insight into the way actions play out—so you can choose in favor of the outcome that serves you best.

Whether achieving your objectives requires the wisdom to sidestep a legal distraction, or the muscle to fight your way through a difficult situation, we’ve got a veteran team with the horsepower to act on what’s right for your ultimate goals.

Halloran Sage can move you to a future filled with freedom and new possibility. Set course on the best path forward, and visit

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  • Residency Massachusetts
  • Company Name Halloran Sage
  • Company City Hartford
  • Company State Connecticut
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Business, Banking & Commercial Real Estate Attorney at Halloran Sage (Partner)
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  • Real Estate

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