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We started a law firm that focuses on representing Investors and sellers on real estate matters.

Real Estate Closings: Our closing process is geared towards your needs, which is why we customize our procedures for each client.

Cash Closings

Private Lender Closings

Commercial loan Closings

Seller Document Preparation: We will prepare your closing documents, coordinate with the buyer’s attorney, schedule a time for you to sign all documents that works for you and deliver the legal documents to the closing attorney. We will even come sign you at your home or place of business!

Title Curative: If any problems with the title are uncovered during the title search, we will work with all parties, including title insurance companies, to come to a resolution and help you close on time and without further delay.

Landlord-Tenant: Are you investing in property and renting them to tenants? Attorney Jonathan Hankin has litigated over 1,000 evictions. We can review and prepare residential leases, advise on and litigate security deposit disputes, and limit your liability.

Foreclosure Writs of Possession: If you are purchasing foreclosures and there is an occupant in the property, we will file the necessary paperwork with the court to remove them and put you in possession as quickly as possible.

Other areas of practice include Business Law and Estate Planning.

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  • Residency Georgia
  • Company Name Hankin & Pack PLLC
  • Company City Charlotte
  • Company State North Carolina
  • Company Country United States
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