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We provide the in-house counsel experience to businesses at every stage of their life cycle. Traditional in-house attorneys are costly. And most businesses either cannot afford or do not have the demand for a full-time attorney on staff. Our firm is dedicated to meeting the legal needs of such businesses and entrepreneurs alike. We routinely provide tailor-made plans that account for each client’s budgetary constraints and individual legal demands. In return for a modest monthly fee, our clients receive round-the-clock access to their qualified business attorney so they can focus on what they do best – managing their business.

Our clients also get a partner that is dedicated to completely understanding their business operations. We want to know everything we can about how your business operates and what keeps you up at night. We do this by meeting with our clients several times before beginning any projects. This, of course, is at no cost to our clients. Then we collaborate with our clients to develop a menu of action items – some they may need to act on immediately, some they may want to act on in near term and others should be kept in mind as their business evolves. Throughout this process we will continue to ask pointed questions and educate our clients on why we need to know certain information and why we recommend certain action items. We believe this process empowers our clients to more effectively operate their business and fosters a stronger relationship with our firm.

Address: 150 State Street, Suite 504, Albany, NY 12207

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  • Residency New York
  • Company Name The Wagoner Firm PLLC
  • Company City Albany
  • Company State New York
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Trial Attorney
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  • Criminal Defense

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