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Lori E. Kolin, Esq., founder, has a B.S. in Psychology and spent many years working and volunteering as a paraprofessional counselor in family focused crisis centers, including domestic violence shelters, homeless and troubled youth shelters. She volunteered as a suicide hotline supervisor, and as a 24-hour rape-crisis hotline operator and law enforcement liaison, as well as a case manager for persons with traumatic brain injury, prior to attending Rutgers-Newark Law School in 2001.

Following obtaining her Juris Doctorate in 2004, and passing both the New York and New Jersey bar exams, she began practicing as Associate General Counsel at a small corporation in New York. While she enjoyed life in the corporate sector, she knew she needed to return to advocacy for those in need of a voice, empathetic guidance, and a healthy path toward resolution of their disputes.

Ms. Kolin left the corporate sector to join a New Jersey-based litigation practice, and has since represented countless individuals in family crises, as well as private and public entities and small business owners, in a myriad of transactional and litigation matters.

Ms. Kolin’s focus remains helping clients remedy any legal dispute or issue standing in their way to happiness and success. Whether one is facing a high-conflict divorce, a custody dispute with a toxic co-parent engaging in parental alienation, needs an amicably negotiated consent agreement, or a mediator, as well as the happy stuff like adoptions, including LGBTQ second parent adoptions, Ms. Kolin understands every client’s individual wants and needs; she provides holistic, long-range, guidance and support to help them obtain resolution, closure, and, peace of mind.

Ms. Kolin has also been appointed by New Jersey’s Supreme Court to serve as Investigator for the Office of Attorney Ethics local committee, Bergen II-B (2016-2020,) and has served as a Court-appointed attorney for alleged incapacitated persons in guardianship proceedings.

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