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Family law issues are among the most stressful, emotional, and complex situations a family can experience. When facing a legal matter related to divorce, child custody, support, domestic violence, or any other family law issue, you need the support of an experienced law firm to help you navigate the emotional and financial complexities specific to your case.

At Miller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, our team of White Plains Divorce Lawyers combines over 100 years of legal experience with an honest, proactive, and responsive approach to family law cases. We work together with our clients to minimize financial costs and to ensure unnecessary litigation is avoided. Our family lawyers are sincere in their efforts to guide you through and expedite an otherwise difficult process. We know that your legal matter requires personalized attention in order to provide the support you need and results you desire while resolving your case as effectively as possible.

Matters of family law have an impact on the lives of everyone involved that extends well beyond the immediate present. Regardless of the challenges posed by your circumstances, our highly skilled and professional family law attorneys will advocate on your behalf in an effort to secure the best possible outcome for your future.

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  • Residency New York
  • Company Name Miller Zeiderman LLP
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  • Designation Managing Partner at New York law firm devoted to the practice of matrimonial, divorce and family law
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