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Founded in 2008, Sugar Hill Capital Partners is an impact investment management and operations firm that invests in and repositions stressed middle-market apartment buildings in New York City. Sugar Hill Capital Partners offers multiple funds that invest in the New York City real estate market, specifically within the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We are locally based with offices in these areas, giving us real-world insight into the markets in which we own and operate properties. Our vertically-integrated business involves modernizing and restoring often 100+ year old buildings, long neglected by mom-and-pop owners and passive investors. We like to believe that we provide investors and partners with an opportunity to achieve returns by repositioning inefficient assets into sustainable properties. Since 2008, we have delivered over 100 best-in-class turn-key properties, comprising over 2,200 apartments.

To achieve our goals, we employ over 60 professionals who work to add value for stakeholders from entry to exit. The firm’s major divisions include investment management, property management, architectural design, and energy management.

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  • Company Name Sugar Hill Capital Partners
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