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The National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) is the first of its kind, unifying professionals who serve clients going through ALL stages of divorce. We are committed to growing and strengthening the businesses of our members through strategic networking, divorce-centered education and comprehensive professional development.

NADP is dedicated to providing access, connections, and results for our members and the unique opportunity to create strategic alliances within the divorce industry. Through our Referrals for Life networking experience and online platform, NADP members locally and nationally come together in a powerful and productive way.

Our Mission is to make a positive impact on the divorce process through our community of high-achieving professionals, both online and in person. Our members unite to develop mutually beneficial relationships and have direct access to valuable information to better serve their clients.

Our members include:

• Attorneys (including those that specialize in family, real estate, corporate, will & estate planning, tax, bankruptcy, and criminal law)
• Mediators
• Guardians Ad Litem
• Parenting Coordinators

• Certified Public Accountants
• Forensic Accountants
• Business Valuators
• Tax Advisors
• Financial Advisors, Analysts, Managers, and CDFAs
• Banking Professionals

• Psychologists
• Psychiatrists
• Social Workers
• Counselors
• Therapists
• Life Coaches
• Divorce Coaches
• Career Coaches

• Real Estate Agents
• Real Estate Brokers
• Mortgage Brokers
• Insurance Agents
• Title Agents
• Property Appraisers

NADP is proud to make a positive impact on the divorce process, one professional at a time!

For more information, visit or call 1-888-NADP-365

If you are an NADP Member- be sure to request to JOIN our NADP GROUP page and let’s keep the conversation going:

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