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The Amaro Law Firm is a Houston, Texas based law firm that aggressively represents parties in personal injury, business litigation, and oil & gas disputes.

Since being founded, the Amaro Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for its clients across Texas and the United States. The firm represents individuals involved in catastrophic personal injury and mass tort matters as well as parties involved in business, insurance, and oil & gas disputes.

We work exclusively with the parties who have been wronged or injured by another party. We have successfully represented thousands of individuals and businesses injured or damaged in all types of legal claims, including personal injury lawsuits, insurance claim lawsuits, business disputes, and oil & gas disputes.

Houston litigation attorney specializing in the following areas:

Personal injury & mass torts, business litigation, oil & gas lease negotiations, oil & gas lease/pipeline/contract disputes, catastrophic injuries, 18 wheeler/trucking/auto accidents, maritime/offshore accidents, property insurance claims, insurance disputes, wrongful death, refinery explosions/fires, and construction/work injuries, business disputes, oil & gas disputes.

The Amaro Law Firm employs experienced attorneys who know how big business and insurance companies think and operate.

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  • Residency Texas
  • Company Name Amaro Law Firm
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  • Company State Texas
  • Company Country United States
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