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Welcome to Socius Law Group.

“Socius”​ is the Latin word for “ally”​ and “partner.”​ We align our goals with our clients’ goals, we measure our success by their success.

People often ask us how we chose our name. We chose the name “Socius”​ for our firm because it captures the essence of our relationship with our clients, with our communities and with each other.

Socius works with successful businesses and individuals. Our clients are involved in various industries, including real estate, manufacturing, product distribution, retail, technology and professional services. Whether a business or an individual, our clients can expect the highest level of professional service available.

The word “socius”​ reflects our relationship with our community too. We believe in giving back, and Socius lawyers and employees actively work to enhance the communities in which we work and live.

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  • Residency Washington
  • Company Name Socius Law Group, PLLC
  • Company City Seattle
  • Company State Washington
  • Company Country United States
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  • Family Law

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