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When you think of your ideal relationship with a law firm, you probably want and need a firm that understands your business, uses the law as a way to help you be more successful, treats you as though your business is important, keeps you out of trouble, and defends you if problems arise. Our clients say we’re that kind of firm.

We understand business issues because, while we practice law, we run a business. We make the same hard choices you make every day . We know your operating expenses, including legal services, must be cost-effective and provide significant value to your company. That’s why we’ve chosen to maintain our firm at a size that allows us to keep overhead low while continuing to provide the highest quality legal help and a broad range of legal experience.

We make sure our skilled attorneys can provide the legal services you need, wherever you are in your business or personal life cycle, but we haven’t added attorneys just to say we’re bigger. We plan our growth around the needs of our clients, adding people only when it will make life better for those who hire us. In many places, “bigger is better”. At our firm, we just have “better.”

Our attorneys are routinely selected for awards like “Best Lawyers in America”, “Super Lawyers,” and our company is ranked by Martindale Hubbell and Fortune Magazine as a preeminent firm.

Come talk to us about how we can help you and your business be stronger, locally, regionally, nationally, or globally.

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  • Residency Pennsylvania
  • Company Name Tucker Arensberg, P.C.
  • Company City Pittsburgh
  • Company State Pennsylvania
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Land Use, Zoning and Real Estate Attorney
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  • Real Estate

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