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John M. Foy, our firm founder, trademarked the term “Strong Arm” attorney. “I love the idea of having a real person as a client, I know I’m fighting for a real individual or family.” Foy has been an attorney since 1993, founding his own firm in 1999 in a one-room office. Slowly, that firm grew by word of mouth. Good word tends to travel fast, and as one satisfied client told another our firm grew. Today we employ over 30 attorneys and over 125 staff, all dedicated to serving the people of Georgia. We only represent people who have been injured by others negligence.

Mission Statement:
John Foy & Associates is a Personal Injury law firm dedicated to providing sound legal services to clients who have been injured due to others negligence. We will work diligently to service each client and negotiate the best recovery, helping to make our clients lives whole again while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. We will treat our clients with dignity, compassion, and respect at all times. We do this by explaining our client’s rights, educating the client about how the process works and communicating with the client, keeping them informed each step of the way. We are The Strong Arm of the Law and will fight for our clients because everyone matters and we care.

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  • Residency Georgia
  • Company Name John Foy & Associates
  • Company City Atlanta
  • Company State Georgia
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Litigation Attorney
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  • Personal Injury

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