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Cordell & Cordell is an international domestic litigation firm focused on father’s rights in divorce. Cordell & Cordell family law attorneys work to help men maximize their role in their children’s lives while safeguarding their financial means to do so.
Cordell & Cordell’s unique focus allows their divorce attorneys a complete understanding of the challenges men face in family court and the fight for equal fathers rights.

Cordell & Cordell divorce attorneys practice family law exclusively across the United States and in London. Cordell & Cordell is dedicated to providing the best client experience during a very trying time their lives.

Joseph Cordell founded Cordell & Cordell with his wife Yvonne after he witnessed the bias against men in the courtroom. He is the founder of and author of “Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide to Winning Child Custody”​ and “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce.”​ Cordell & Cordell also operates a men’s rights website: and a divorce app, Men’s Divorce Source.

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