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At Spadea Lignana, we are in the business of helping businesses organize, grow, and thrive. For more than two decades, our attorneys have helped clients throughout Pennsylvania and the nation make their business dreams a reality, including those seeking franchise opportunities. Contact one of the attorneys at our firm today. We can help your business dreams become reality.

The description of a successful corporate counsel could be paraphrased: “Don’t tell me why it won’t work. Find a way to make it happen.”​ We take that approach when we are helping our clients. We provide all the services of an in-house corporate counsel without the overhead.

If you have dealt with attorneys before, you may be surprised to find that we speak your language, not legalese, and we understand business. We not only translate legal concepts into plain English, we will explain exactly what they mean to your business and your bottom line. Then we take action on your behalf, deftly navigating the murky waters of the law until we reach the best possible outcome to your legal situation. You will find our team of uniquely qualified, skilled attorneys listen, understand, and are responsive to all your legal needs.

Do you have questions about franchising law, contracts, or a specific business transaction? Let’s talk business. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced business and franchise lawyers.

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  • Residency New York
  • Company Name Spadea Lignana
  • Company City Philadelphia
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  • Company Country United States
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