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Albert and Mackenzie is a diligent and dynamic firm that exclusively practices in California, representing employers, insurance carriers, and third party administrators in the defense of Workers’​ Compensation Claims.

We are experienced and proficient in defending all types of Workers’​ Compensation Claims, including the defense of Labor Code §132a discrimination claims and Labor Code §4553 Serious and Willful Misconduct claims on behalf of our clients. Due to the increasing number of fraudulent claims, we also specialize in the defense of fraudulent claim filing and have been extremely successful in prosecuting those claims.

Since 1991, the principal attorneys, Bruce Albert and Peter Mackenzie, have developed a reputation for handling the defense of Workers’​ Compensation claims with an aggressive and practical approach.

Our philosophy is a combination of aggressive claims management in concert with consistent communication, which leads to a reduction in claim cost and expedited case resolution. We encourage our clients to be involved in the defense of their claims by attending depositions and hearings whenever possible.

We believe that communication with the direct involvement of our clients is as important as the legal defense of their claims. By integrating aggressive representation with client involvement, we are able to achieve our goal of expedient claim resolution, with a reduction in overall claim cost.

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  • Residency California
  • Company Name Albert and Mackenzie
  • Company City Agoura Hills
  • Company State California
  • Company Country United States
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