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We help small to medium companies achieve their growth potential by offering them the right business development strategies and solutions to make best use of their current resources while providing expertise and services to build their business step-by-step.

Leads2Deal process: our background is BD, consulting, sales and research and we have gathered a team of talented professionals poised to support your company’s success. Because we started from BD, our approach goes far beyond setting appointments: we help with the entire process from targeting the right industry or user segments and populating your database with the right leads, through getting you in front of your prospects with a short focused message.

Lead by our management team, D Rolls Associates has a highly skilled research department and a professional telemarketing group. Our account managers enjoy being on the phone, know how to get past gate keepers and are tasked to set qualified sales meetings, thus opening the right doors and taking advantage of all opportunities.

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  • Residency Massachusetts
  • Company Name D|R Law LLC
  • Company City Detroit
  • Company State Michigan
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Attorney
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  • Real Estate

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