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The “Heavy Hitters”​ at Curtis Legal Group fight for just compensation for our clients who have been injured by the wrongdoing of others. Curtis Legal Group’s clients include victims of car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, truck accidents and other similar occurrences. Our clients are entitled under the law to be compensated for the pain they have suffered and the money they have lost.

The job of Curtis Legal Group’s injury attorneys is to help you, the injured victim, to receive the compensation you deserve. We have been doing just that for many successful years. We have offices conveniently located in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto and handle cases in much of Northern California. If necessary, we will meet you in your home. (Yes, an attorney will actually come to your home if it would be difficult for you to come to one of our offices.)

At Curtis Legal Group, we know how the insurance companies operate. We know that they will do everything they can to pay injured victims the least amount of compensation possible. They will try to get you to settle quickly, for some low dollar amount. They will try to take a statement from you that they can use against you later. They are very experienced in negotiating with victims and will rarely, if ever, offer their top dollar without a battle. We know how to fight that battle from years of experience. We will fight for you.

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  • Company City Modesto
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