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Bell Law Firm is Georgia’s preeminent firm for victims of medical malpractice. Founded in 1999 by
Lloyd Bell, the firm has recovered more than $100 million for patients and families of people injured
or killed due to medical negligence. Bell has more than 25 years of experience in federal and state
courts, and he has represented clients in more than 75 jury trials and hundreds of successful
settlements. Specializing in litigating misdiagnoses, birth injuries, surgical errors and other types of
malpractice, Bell Law firm differentiates itself with deep legal expertise, a mastery of technology in the
courtroom and a compelling manner of storytelling. In 2018, the firm was recognized as Personal
Injury Litigation Team of the Year by The Daily Report, the leading source of legal news in Atlanta.

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  • Residency Georgia
  • Company Name Bell Law Firm
  • Company City Charleston
  • Company State West Virginia
  • Company Country United States
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  • Designation Georgia Personal Injury Attorney at Bell Law Firm
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  • Personal Injury

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