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For many years the attorneys at Wyrsch Hobbs Mirakian have provided their clients top quality advice and representation. In today’s ever-shifting regulatory and economic environment, our time-tested role as trusted advisors and advocates has never been more critical.

The team of legal professionals at Wyrsch Hobbs Mirakian uses a wide depth and breadth of education, skill and legal experience to protect people and businesses both in and out of the courtroom. While we focus primarily on trial work of all kinds, particularly complex civil and criminal litigation, we are also skilled in assisting clients at the negotiating table, in the boardroom, and before regulatory agencies.

Additional Information
  • Residency Missouri
  • Company Name Wyrsch Hobbs Mirakian, P.C.
  • Company City Kansas City
  • Company State Missouri
  • Company Country United States
  • Company Profile
  • Designation Criminal Defense Attorney
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  • Criminal Defense

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