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The Alex R. Hess Law Group is a premier Boston litigation boutique offering unique, personalized legal representation to individuals, corporations, shareholders and investors, and corporate officers in the following areas of law:

– White Collar Crime & Internal Investigations
– Business Disputes & Commercial Litigation
– Bankruptcy & Adversary Proceedings
– Criminal Defense
– Appeals

The Firm’s practices focus on commercial disputes, corporate matters, bankruptcy and adversary proceedings, appeals, white collar crime, and criminal investigations. Attorney Hess has handled a variety of high-profile and serious internal, state, local, and federal investigations. He has been on both sides of the courtroom aisle: both prosecuted embezzlement and corporate shareholder disputes, and defended felonies, securities fraud, and homicide cases.

Attorney Hess has handled a variety of complex cases as lead counsel in federal and state court, including securities fraud, embezzlement, adversary proceedings during contested bankruptcies, 1st degree murder appeals, and commercial contract disputes between company shareholders. Through courtroom advocacy, careful financial analysis, and superior research, Mr. Hess provides his clients with zealous legal representation and maximizes his client’s practical and financial results.

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  • Residency Massachusetts
  • Company Name Alex R. Hess Law Group
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  • Designation Litigation & Bankruptcy Attorney
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