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Capital Planning Law, PLLC assists their clients with the transactional legal fields of business law, wills and trusts, probate administration, guardianship and real estate law. Yelena Sverdlova, Esq. is the founding member of Capital Planning Law, PLLC. She is an attorney, professor of law, marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

Yelena Sverdlova, Esq. has a true passion for the law and has obtained extensive experience in many facets of business law including, but not limited to: business start-ups, business agreements, general business counsel, and asset protection. She provides legal representation in the areas of estate planning, probate administration, guardianship and real estate law. She also represents immigration clients with their L1 visas by assisting with the preparation of the necessary business documents and/or business planning to submit with their immigration applications. Ms. Sverdlova takes every effort to go above and beyond for her clients and provide legal services that her clients feel comfortable and satisfied with.

Most recently, Ms. Sverdlova accepted a position teaching a course for the paralegal studies program in contract law and real estate law at Florida Atlantic University of Boca Raton, Florida. Ms. Sverdlova has also began pursuing her LL.M. in Taxation at Boston University School of Law to compliment her legal experience.

Ms. Sverdlova further has an extensive background in marketing and sales, which effectively allows her to assist her business clients in not only their legal matters, but also on their marketing (which tends to go hand in hand with business transactions). Overall, Ms. Sverdlova has an unconditional determination and love for the field of law and believes that her mission in her legal practice is to represent each of her clients with the utmost due diligence and care.

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